Yunus Emre Bangla

Yunus Emre Episode 23 Bangla

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Yunus Emre Episode 23 Bangla

Yunus Emre Bangla 

Season 1


Yunus Emre was a spiritual poet of the Sufi family. He was born in 1238 and died in 1320. The influence of his poetry can be seen in the Anatolia region of Turkey. That is, he greatly influenced the people and culture of Anatolia. When the new era of modern Turkey was just beginning, he wrote poetry in the Turkish language of Anatolia. The UNESCO General Assembly unanimously passed a resolution in 1991 declaring the poet’s 750th birthday as the “International Yunus Emre Year”.


In a word, Yunus’ Emre has had a profound effect on Turkish literature, and his poetry is still influential in Turkey, including Anatolia. Of course, there are good reasons. For, after Yunus Emre, Ahmed Yesvi, and Sultan Wala, he was one of the first poets to compose in the spoken Turkish language of his time and region, instead of Persian or Arabic.

Yunus Emre Episode 23 Bangla

Yunus Emre Episode 23 Bangla Yunus Emre Episode 23 Bangla Yunus Emre Episode 23 Bangla

His fiction is still very popular among contemporaries in central and western Anatolia. It is the language of many anonymous folk-poets, folk-songs, fairy tales, jokes and proverbs. It’s a lot like the grandfather of such ignorant people. Yunus Emer was inspired by the use of Tikarmamlar, like the Turkish folklore that was verbally handed down to him and his contemporaries as an epoch-making instrument.



When the Mongols invaded Anatolia in 1243, at the Battle of Kosh Dag, Yunus Emer’s poems became very popular and he became well known. Due to which it extends from Azerbaijan to the Balkans. He is a very popular figure in some countries. Of which seven different and wide scattered areas argue over the claim of having his tomb in their tombs.

Poems and songs written by him are still sung by Sufi artists in Turkey at home and abroad. Several of his poems have been translated into Bengali and even a single book of his poems translated into Bengali can be seen on online book selling sites.

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