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Yildizlar Bana Uzak Episode 2 English Subtitles

Yildizlar Bana Uzak Episode 2 English Subtitles – Aslı and Kadir, who have been madly in love with each other for years, are now about to achieve their dreams. The couple is very happy after Kadir’s marriage proposal to Aslı. But this marriage is bad news for others. Especially for Khan Varna… Han has a dirty plan to prevent this marriage. Kadir is imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, and as the murderer of the father of the woman he loved. While Aslı is in ruins on one side, Kadir and the people of Varna are now face to face. Kadir only has revenge on his mind. Yahya will be Kadir’s guide in prison.

Kadir and Aslı… Their love is not a love that will be forgotten or lost to time. It is like a sacred bond that will be remembered forever. While everything is going exactly as they dreamed, Kadir goes to prison as the murderer of Aslı’s father, causing all the good memories to be lost.

While Aslı is thrown away by the impact of this blow, Kadir now has only one goal. To prove his innocence and take revenge on his family from Varna together with Yahya, who guided him in prison…
But on this difficult path, there are truths to be revealed and a love about to be reborn from the ashes.

Yildizlar Bana Uzak Episode 2 English Subtitles

Yildizlar Bana Uzak Episode 1 English Subtitles IMDb

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Yildizlar Bana Uzak 2 with English Subtitles Full Episode

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