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Watch Ya Cok Seversen Episode 11 with English subtitles

Watch Turkish Comedy, Drama, Romance Series WHAT IF YOU LOVE TOO MUCH with English Subtitles! Watch Ya Cok Seversen Episode 11 English Subtitles FREE!

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Serial: Ya Cok Seversen
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Actors: Hafsanur Sancaktutan, Hatice Aslan, Kerem Bursin
Duration: 109 minutes
Quality: FULL HD
Year: 2023

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Ya Cok Seversen Episode 11 English subtitles

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Ateş, who spent his life abroad, is forced to return to Istanbul, which he left years ago, due to the death of his father. He crosses paths with Leyla, a fake bride who is committing fraud to find her family. Despite the undeniable attraction between them, they break up with a slap from Leyla. While Ateş was making plans to return as soon as the will was announced, the unexpected happened. His father made a surprise not only for him but for the whole family.

Ateş rejects the will at the risk of being banned from inheriting, but a secret he learns about the past changes his decision. Meanwhile, Leyla returns to the hotel because she lost the necklace inherited from her family and is caught by the angry groom. While escaping, She gets into a car that she doesn’t know where she is going. Ateş and Leyla’s paths will cross again.

Both of them are unaware that their lives will change completely. Ateş’s arrival home shocks Leyla and the children. When Ateş is at home, Leyla’s ability to maintain her nanny lie is in danger. Moreover, the team is wanted everywhere by the family of the defrauded groom. Leyla has nowhere to go but this farm. She is trying to adapt to the children. She has a hard time when the real nanny arrives.

It is difficult for Ateş to return to the house he left years ago. As if what happened was not enough, he has to live with his siblings according to the family constitution that the lawyer is obliged to sign. Depressed, Ateş takes a path that will injure the children in order to stay at home.

Leyla is the one who brings him back from this mistake. Ateş makes radical decisions not only at home but also in the company. Meanwhile, Yakup, one of the team, takes a step that will endanger the whole team, but he hides it from everyone. The dangerous situation that Berit finds itself in benefits Umut and Füsun, who collect evidence for the court. Ateş and Leyla are cornered. Will they be able to unite and find Berit?

Watch Ya Cok Seversen Episode 11 English Subtitles
Watch Ya Cok Seversen Episode 11 English subtitles on YouTube
Watch Ya Cok Seversen Episode 11 English subtitles Osmanonline
Watch Ya Cok Seversen ep 11 with English Subtitles Kayifamilytv

Watch Ya Cok Seversen Episode 11 English Subtitles Kayi family

Watch Ya Cok Seversen ep 11 with English Subtitles

Watch Turkish Series with English Subtitles

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