Watch Mendirman jalolidin with English SubtitlesMendirman JaloliddinWatch Bozkir Aslani Celaleddin with English SubtitlesWatch Mendirman Celaleddin with English Subtitles

Watch Bozkir Aslani Celaleddin with English Subtitles

Watch Bozkir Aslani Celaleddin with English Subtitles Watch Historical Mendirman Jalolidin with English Subtitles

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In the first episode of Steppe Arslan Celaleddin, Prince Celaleddin, who goes to Genghis Khan’s headquarters, will change the balance with his surprise move. Gürgenç, the mighty capital of the country of Khwarezmshah, is in the grip of political strife. Sultan Alaeddin is uncomfortable with the privileges granted to members of the Kipchak tribe, and this situation causes unrest in the capital. On the other hand, it is time for marriage for Prince Celaleddin, known as the lion hunter. While the wedding preparations continue, an enemy that closely concerns the fate of the country emerges.

This enemy that could threaten the Khwarezmshah State is none other than Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongolian state. Sultan Alaeddin plans to send a delegation to Genghis Khan to show that he has no enmity with him, and this task is given to Timur Melik. The unexpected move made by Celaleddin, who joined the secret convoy from his father, at Genghis Khan’s headquarters, turns all of Sultan Alaeddin’s plans upside down. Celaleddin, who prevented Cengiz Khan from executing the beautiful Kutlu Bike, who had murdered his father and captured him, was subjected to a deadly test by Cengiz Khan.

As the power struggles in the Harzemshah palace escalate, it will be revealed that Kutlu Bike, who was saved by Celaleddin, is the agent of Genghis Khan. Celalettin’s return to the palace with Kutlu Bike creates concern for everyone.

Sultan Aladdin, who thought that this situation was an open declaration of war against Genghis Khan and was angry that Celaleddin disobeyed his order and joined the embassy group, ordered Celaleddin to be thrown into the dungeon. While all these developments create deep cracks in the palace, Sultan Aladdin and Türkan Hatun come face to face due to the control of the commanders. Kutlu Bike, the agent of Genghis Khan, fulfills his first duty. Kutlu Bike’s move forces Türkan Hatun to make an exit she never wanted.


While the struggle for power continued in the Harzemshah palace, Sultan Aleaddin’s health deteriorated further. While Celaleddin tries to keep the state together against the threat of Genghis Khan, Vizier Şemseddin begins to investigate to find the spy who infiltrated the palace. Sabbahis, supporters of Hasan Sabbah, with whom Genghis Khan made an alliance to weaken the Harzemshahs’ palace and weaken his potential enemy, target Türkan Hatun. Bozkir Aslani Celaleddin


Türkan Hatun has to make a decision after the accusations she is accused of. Celaleddin, who is trying to find the balance between the soldiers loyal to Sultan Alaeddin and the Kipchak commanders who declared their loyalty to Türkan Hatun, is trying to prevent the destruction that the upcoming war will cause.


The trap set by the Mongols and the Assassins worked, and the armies of Türkan Hatun and Sultan Alaeddin faced each other. Prince Celaleddin makes a final move to end the war before it starts and offers his brother Uzlag Shah to settle the issue with single combat. While Celaleddin implements his strategy to overcome the crisis, he encounters a surprising result.


Genghis Khan, who closely follows the situation that the Khwarezmshahs are in, takes action to acquire a new ally and makes an offer to Uzlag Shah through Behram. Türkan Hatun sets a deadly trap to eliminate Kutlu Bike, whom she thinks is a traitor in the palace. Ak Shah, who works to expose the Assassins nestled in the capital, falls into great danger.

The attack on Kutlu Bike, who was targeted by a poisonous snake with Mihricihan’s plan, infuriates Celaleddin. Celaleddin announces that he is determined to marry Kutlu Bike, despite all of Türkan Hatun’s objections. This news is welcomed by Behram with joy. The Assassins devise an evil plan to eliminate Celaleddin through Kutlu Bike and weaken the country before Genghis Khan’s attack. While Sultan Aladdin is looking for a new alliance to protect his country against the Mongol threat, Türkan Hatun makes moves to increase her influence in the palace. mendirman celaleddin

Prince Celaleddin gets a big shock on his wedding night when Kutlu Bike confesses that he is Cengiz Khan’s spy. While Kutlu Bike, who left his fate in Celaleddin’s hands, feels great regret, Celaleddin takes action to disrupt Cengiz Khan’s game. Behram, whose treacherous attack on Celaleddin and Kutlu Bike’s wedding was foiled and exposed, is caught and interrogated. Sultan Aladdin gets angry when Celaleddin leaves the palace without his permission and makes a move against Genghis Khan. As Genghis Khan surrounded the capital step by step with his plan; With the desperation of being exposed, the Assassins set up a new game.

Sultan Alaeddin, who became impatient with Celaleddin’s moves in line with his own plans, made his final decision and declared Uzlag Shah the crown prince. Although Türkan Hatun seems to have achieved the victory she wanted, the Mongolian threat on the horizon changes all balances. Upon the news that Genghis Khan had sent a cavalry army under the command of Cuci to the country of Khwarazmshah, Sultan Aladdin gathered the army and took charge.

Celaleddin, who tries to capture Tohto in order to save Kutlu Bike’s brother from Genghis Khan, devises a different plan to protect his country against the Mongolian danger. As Genghis Khan’s army enters the territory of Khwarazmshah to achieve its real goals, the two armies engage in the first battle of the bloody war that will last for many years.

Watch Mendirman Celaleddin with English Subtitles

Watch Harzemsah with English Subtitles

Watch Mendirman Jalolidin with English Subtitles

Watch Bozkir Aslani Celaleddin with English Subtitles

Watch Mendirman Celaleddin (Wikipedia) English Subtitles

Watch Mendirman Jalolidin with English Subtitles

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