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Watch Maviye Surgun Season 1 Episode with 11 English subtitles

Watch Maviye Surgun Season 1 Episode 11 with English Subtitles for FREE! Watch Maviye Surgun Episode 11 English Subtitles

Ali (Caner Cindoruk), a Sat commando, moves to the town where his wife grew up with his children Arda and Azra after the death of his wife Ayda. In this process, Ali’s most significant support; Ayda’s father will be Salih (Hakan Salinmış), and his friend and colleague Hasan (Bülent Şakrak).

On the one hand, Ali and Hasan deal with a completely different problem; They have been suspended from office due to the slander thrown at them and are waiting for the case to be resolved.

Ali rescues Defne (Damla Sönmez) from the waves, and he finds himself in an ecstatic state on a stormy night when he sails to the sea. While Defne enters Ali’s life with her secrets, big trouble will drag Ozan (Serkan Altunorak) towards them.

Maviye Surgun Episode 11 English Subtitles

After Ozan says that he and Defne are lovers, Defne’s fearful attitude does not escape Ali’s attention. Salih, on the other hand, embraced Defne and decided that it would be right for her to stay with them until he came to her. Ali does not like this situation very much, he is sure that Defne is hiding something. Therefore, Ali will pursue the truth in his way. On the other hand, Defne’s only goal is to take the bag that only she knows and leave. While Ozan takes action to shoot Defne where it hurts the most, he is unaware that Ali acted before him.

Believing that Defne is hiding something and turning it around, Ali has untied Defne’s bond with Murat. He tries to understand what they are after. Defne makes plans with Murat to get the gold she fixed at a certain point in the sea, but Ozan’s eyes are always on them.

Maviye Surgun Episode 11 English Subtitles

Suspicious of Defne’s actions, with every step she and Murat take in vain, Ali takes a step that even Defne cannot think of and makes a move to upset all the balances! Ozan, on the other hand, confronts Defne and makes an offer to get back the gold bag he stole from her. However, nothing about the bag goes as planned by the duo!

Ali put both Defne and Ozan on the wrong side and took the golden bag, which he could play a key role in his own case. Defne, on the other hand, has to take this bag from Ali and take it to Ozan, with Ozan’s threat. On the night of the concert organization that the young people are planning to bring with a famous music group, Defne looks for an opportunity to reach her goal and reaches a secret about Ali that no one knows. Ozan, on the other hand, holds Defne’s strings. While Defne is stuck between Ali and Ozan, she is on the verge of making a decision she doesn’t want for Murat.

Maviye Surgun Episode 11 English Subtitles

Serhat, who owns a hotel in the town and acts as Ozan’s partner, took on Salih’s debts and started to use these debts as leverage against Salih. Putting the family in trouble on Ozan’s advice, Serhat gives Salih time to pay his debt. However, the money in Salih’s bank account was withdrawn!

Ali takes steps to solve the situation in Salih’s account at the bank. While Defne is accompanying him, they find themselves in the middle of a great slander. Ozan, who has made Ali a target, learns the secret about Ali’s past. The cards between Ali and Ozan will be redistributed.

Ali is taken into custody due to the slander thrown at him. The fact that Ali is in custody upsets Defne. She is a witness to Ali’s innocence, but Ozan’s insistence will cause Defne to take a step she does not want. Ozan continues to use Defne for the gold bag he wants to reach. While Ali struggles with his doubts about Defne, the couple, who get emotionally close in this process, kiss in an unexpected way. The hostility of Ozan, who watches them from afar, will increase gradually.

Ali and Defne refuse to have feelings for each other and promise to forget what happened the night before. While Defne blames herself for doing business after Ali; Ozan makes a vital decision about Defne. She doesn’t need Defne anymore! The arrival of Ricardo, one of Ozan’s partners, with whom he will carry out his plans, causes attention to be focused on them. On the other hand, Ozan threatens Ali with his family. Ali, on the other hand, has to keep his eyes open in order not to get burned by Defne’s fire and to protect his family and town.

Ozan wanted Defne to understand the seriousness of the situation she was in by poisoning Ricordo in front of her eyes. Ali did not let go of them because he realized that Defne was in danger. Ricardo’s coma turns Ozan and Defne into suspects. Seval, who comes from Ozan’s past, upsets his entire balance. Defne, who caught sight of the new gold brought by Ozan in the name of Murat’s hope of life, takes a step in this matter as well. But nothing will go as planned. The disappearance of Arda while on a school trip frightens everyone.

Maviye Surgun – Oguz has left a young amnesiac woman, Defne, who he brings into his home. But when Defne recovers her memory, she realizes that she was a con artist who must remain in hiding… This is, Maviye Surgun (Exile to Blue).

Seval’s arrival upsets Ozan’s balance. Moreover, Seval is staying at Ayda’m Hotel. The death of Ricardo, who is in a coma, causes Ozan and Defne to appear in court. When Ali learns that Ricardo is working in the drug ring, he goes after Ozan, who he thinks has a hand in these affairs. Ali seizes Ozan’s plans with the help of Defne and Murat. Will Ali, who is preparing to deal a big blow to Ozan, get what he wants this time?

Ali decides to take a showdown with Ozan. He will give the bag he has to Ozan and in return he will receive the necessary information about his case. However, Azra and her friends secretly take the car in which the gold is hidden for fun, and they unknowingly find themselves on a great adventure on this journey they set off by car. Defne is cornered by the progress of Murat’s illness. For this reason, Defne loses her sight and initiates an action that will deal a terrible blow to Ali.

Serial: Maviye Surgun

Title in English: EXILE TO BLUE

Genre: Drama

Actors: Caner Cindoruk, Damla Sonmez, Serkan Altunorak

Duration: 102 minutes

Quality: FULL HD

Year: 2023

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Maviye Surgun Episode 11 English Subtitles

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Watch Maviye Surgun episode 11 English subtitles

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Watch Maviye Surgun ep 11

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