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Kod Adi Kirlangic Episode 7 with English Subtitles

Kod Adi Kirlangic Episode 7 English Subtitles – Team Swallow will participate in the qualifiers before the big race, but there are some obstacles in front of them.

With the support of the Company, Aspar makes new moves to prevent Kırlangıç from participating in the eliminations.

Neighbourhood residents, families, and team members are preparing for the elimination competition. Will Team Swallow pass the qualifying rounds and qualify for the big race?

What is Aspar’s plan to prevent Swallow? The funny events happening in the neighbourhood and the breathtaking competition excitement are in Code Name Kırlangıç with its new episode…

The Kırlangıç team’s only chance to participate in the big race is for Zeynep to win the last elimination race. Zeynep is uneasy because she has to win the race. He has nightmares at night and thinks that if he does not win, everyone will be disappointed. His teammates support him. Aspar does his best to demoralize Zeynep.

Will Şahin and Müge be able to prevent Zeynep from competing?

Will the swallow team qualify for the big race?

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Kod Adi Kirlangic 7


Kod Adi Kirlangic Season 1 Episode 7 with English Subtitles Dailymotion

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