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Dilek Tasi Season 1 Episode 9 with English Subtitles

Watch the Drama Series Dilek Tasi Episode 9 with English Subtitles FREE. Watch Dilek Tasi Season 1 Episode 9 English Subtitles.

Serial: Dilek Tasi
Title in English: WISHING STONE
Genre: Drama
Video Quality: FULL HD
Year: 2023

While Mustafa and Figen are about to be caught by the gendarmes, they are saved by the students’ confusion in the square. It turns out that Mustafa is alive and since it is no longer possible to hide his real identity, he acquires a fake identity. Her goal is to take her daughter and escape abroad. When Macide learns that Mustafa, whom she reported, was not caught, she panics and hurriedly kidnaps Cemre and Sinan from the mansion. His father sees Efkan, who strangled Sevda and was beaten by Kenan in front of everyone at the agency, and raids the Ronas’ house. How will he make him pay for this?

Figen learns all the facts about Cemre from her father. Macide’s reason for adopting Cemre makes Figen very angry. When he says that he will tell this information to Mustafa, Macide threatens him. Meanwhile, Sinan’s condition gets worse and interrupts Figen and Macide’s discussion. Meanwhile, Mustafa falls into the arms of danger, unaware of anything.

Watch Dilek Tasi 9 with English Subtitles

The Wishing Stone is a story set in the 1980s. Mustafa is a man in his early thirties who tries to survive in the slums of Istanbul with his wife Canan and daughter Cemre. His wife Canan is in the grip of a relentless disease. He needs urgent surgery to recover. Mustafa, on the other hand, does not know how to find the money.

The factory where he works has been closed for a long time due to the lockout. But Mustafa must somehow find the money needed for the surgery. Until that day, Mustafa had never bowed down to anyone and lived for his honour and dignity. But now he has no choice but to ask for help. He sets out to find Yakup Bey, the owner of the factory, and ask for his salaries that have not been paid for months. He will take the money and have his wife undergo surgery. However, what happened that day will radically change the lives of Mustafa and his daughter Cemre.

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Dilek Tasi Episode 9

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Watch Dilek Tasi Season 1 Episode 9 English Subtitles

Selcan Hatun is face to face with death! Osman Bey is making a surprise move against Mongolian commander Balgay! Balgay, who comes to Kayı Obası and digests the people with various injuries, wants to sense the trap prepared for him and drink it to his poisonous daughter Selcan Hatun, while Gündüz and Batur are on the verge of execution.

Dundar cannot oppose Balgay for the fate of the Oban, while Bala and Bamsı; start a revolt against the Mongols! On the other hand, Osman Bey’s only hope is to play against Balgay using the secret he learned from the Ak Sakallı and the relics he received. Will Selcan Hatun die? Can Samsa Sergeant and the Alps survive bondage? Will Gündüz and Batur be executed? Will the rebellion initiated by Bamsı and Bala against the Mongols be successful? Mr. Osman; Can Selcan Hatun prevent the death of Gündüz and Batur?

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Watch Dilek Tasi Episode 9 with English Subtitles

Watch Dilek Tasi Season 1 Episode 9 English Subtitles

Watch Dilek Tasi Season 1 Episode 9 English Subtitles

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