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Watch Ates Kuslari Episode 27 English Subtitles

Watch Turkish Series Drama with English Subtitles For FREE – Ates Kuslari Episode 27 English Subtitles For FREE

Serial: Ates Kuslari
Title in English: FIREBIRDS
Genre: Drama
Actors: Burak Tozkoparan, Emir Cubukcu, Erdem Sanli, Gorkem Sevindik, Hande Soral, Ilayda Alisan
Duration: 112 minutes
Quality: FULL HD
Year: 2023

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Ates Kuslari Episode 27 English Subtitles

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FIREBIRDS is on ATV with its new Episode on Friday!

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Watch Ates Kuslari Episode 27 with English Subtitles

Nazmiye fires Gülayşe from both the company and the house. However, Gülayşe does not accept defeat so quickly. She decides to get a diploma to protect her father’s legacy. But until Gülayşe receives her diploma, will there be a company left?

Will Barbaros be able to support Gülayşe?

Even though Barbaros tries to make Gülayşe forget about him, he cannot leave her alone in this difficult time. How will he support Gülayşe when he can’t hold her hand?

Watch Ates Kuslari Ep 27 with English Subtitles

Firebirds are on the street again

Firebirds who were expelled from their homes are now on the streets, just like when they were children. Did Gülayşe really turn her back on the family who raised her?

Will Kara survive?

Kara and Hüma get engaged. Feza, on the other hand, does not like the fact that Kara, who inherited Eyüboğlu, will gain her independence from him. What will be Feza’s next move?

When Zipkın learns that Kara is about to die, he offers Kara his own kidney. Will Kara accept to come back to life with the kidney of Zipkın, who left her to die?

Watch Ates Kuslari 27 with English Subtitles

FIREBIRDS Turkish Drama Series with English Subtitles Available now on our website – don’t miss any Bölüm. The Turkish Drama series is hosted by ATV. We are just sharing for the audience with English Subtitles. Watch More Historical series Kurulus Osman, Alparslan, and action series Al Sancak. We are sharing Good printed video Quality. So you can watch all videos don’t hesitate.

Oyuncular: İlayda Alişan (Gülayşe), Hande Soral (Mercan), Burak Tozkoparan (Barbaros), Görkem Sevindik (Ali), Bülent Polat (Feza), Emin Gürsoy (Hacı Hafız), Ahmet Saraçoğlu (Çatal), Nizam Namidar (Nizam), Boncuk Yılmaz (Nazmiye), Gonca Cilasun (Hacer), Erdem Şanlı (Zıpkın), Emir Çubukçu (Sabit), Ali Önsöz (Kara), Ergül Miray Şahin (Sare), Evren Erler (Mete), Lilya İrem Salman (Hüma), Umut İnan (Çocuk Ali), Almira Albay (Çocuk Mercan), Fuat Fatih Odabaşı (Çocuk Sabit), Berke Obuz (Çocuk Zıpkın), Umut Ege Baştemur (Çocuk Kara), Kaan Sevi (Cemal), Yeşim Dalgıçer (Sezin), Gökay Müftüoğlu (Suat), Görkem Doğan (Pamir)

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